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Insulated Patio Roofs

With the ever increasing requirements of becoming eco friendly, insulated roofing is becoming a fast growing option in our modern day society.
At cooltec, we have sourced only the best local products to give our customers piece of mind, knowing all materials are designed for our local climate.

Ritek® Insulated Patio RoofSolarspan® Insulated Patio Roof

Why is it that insulated roofing panels are the future?

There are many reasons to consider using insulated roofing panels for your project.

  • Blocking heat

    Insulated roofing panels have a dense EPS¹ core that provides proven long lasting insulation

  • Low maintainance

    The outer body is constructed from COLORBOND® steel giving it a long lasting, easy to maintain finish

  • Simple construction

    A self supporting product. Do away with rafters and battons, reducing the material and labour costs. Reducing the carbon footprint of your project

  • Strong and durable

    Two layers of COLORBOND® steel laminated to a strong EPS¹ core provide strength and durability to your roof

We are so sure of this technology, that we are proud to offer a 10 to 25 year warranty on all products that we install².

Patio Roof Colour Range

Our roofing colour range is hand picked to provide the very best in thermal performance.

¹ EPS Expanded Polystyrene.
² Conditions apply, our designers will be happy to explain.